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SIMONE is a battery operated version of the electric powered original cat clock which was made in the 1950's. Re-engineered with special gearing to operate on 2 AA batteries, she gives months of trouble-free operation.

Model 63



      blinking eyes
and a

She's the lovable cat clock with the long, so sophisticated, slender neck and the realistic blinking green eyes, complete with eyelashes that are

eyesclosed eysopen

oh So flirty. They move up and down... not side to side like some other cats we know. Her elegant tail swings to and fro...

She has the original dimensions:
Total length is 20"
Body 12" and Tail 8"
Depth 5"
What better way tell time?
SIMONE will be equally at home in the family room, kitchen, playroom, and bedroom – and just about anywhere, putting a smile on everyone's face. She's fun for the whole family.


  • Eyes move up and down
  • Tail swings back and forth
  • Fully 3-dimensional
  • Easy to read dial
  • Bold hour and minute hands
  • Sturdy case construction
  • Precision guaranteed quartz movement
  • Worldwide guarantee

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SIMONE Cat Clock

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